New version of ggplot2 (2.0.0) with support for extensions.

If you work with R and do any kind of visualization is impossible not to love ggplot2. It makes everything prettier than many of the competing alternatives, including everything that I did for years using MatLab in Industry and Academic settings. I’m really happy to read that version 2.0 has been announced.

From the official announcement.

  • ggplot2 now has an official extension mechanism.
  • There are a handful of new geoms, and updates to existing geoms.
  • The default appearance has been thoroughly tweaked so most plots should look better.
  • Facets have a much richer set of labelling options.
  • The documentation has been overhauled to be more helpful, and require less integration across multiple pages.
  • A number of older and less used features have been deprecated.

What intrigues me particularly is the possibility of this new extension mechanism. I wonder what the thriving ggplot2 community will release in the following months.

There are other interesting changes worth checking out, including many that just make life easier, as in the following example that improves on the classic scatterplot with direct counts.

geom_count() (a new alias for the old stat_sum()) counts the number of points at unique locations on a scatterplot, and maps the size of the point to the count:


Read the official post at Rstudio Blog

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